Name: Darwin
Nicknames: Cookie
Sex: Male
Breed: Bicolored Tabby
Personality: Curious, friendly, wild, energetic, playful, social, talkative, affectionate, adventurous, and a bit sassy!
Interests: Climbing into cardboard boxes and paper bags, kneeding random blankets, zooming around the house at 5 am, birdwatching, hunting bugs, bullying the other cats, getting himself locked in the bathroom, grooming himself (all the time), licking water off the bottom of the bathtub, and talking to humans!

We rescued Cookie from a shelter around 7 years ago. He was basically on death row because at the time he had a sickness and no one wanted to adopt him, so they were going to put him down. He had a bad eye infection. His eyelids were red and green crust would build up around his eyes. Despite his sickness, he was very friendly when we met him. We couldnt bear the thought of such a sweet kitty being put down soon, so we took him into our hands with all of his meds and nursed him back to health within a few months. He's completely healthy now, and the sweetest little kitty you'll ever meet! and he's smart too. He knows how to open and close doors, and sometimes he'd get himself lost outside but come right back to the door at the end of the day completely fine! This little boy doesn't like being pet or held, unless its me. He trusts ONLY me for some reason, he doesn't let anyone else hold him or rub his belly...

Name: America
Nicknames: Mama, Princess
Sex: Female
Breed: Chantilly Tiffany
Personality: Lazy, stubborn, and selfish with her food. But very affectionate towards humans she trusts.
Interests: Sleeping directly on my face at night, drinking water, trying to steal food off the dinner table, sitting in the open chair during dinner time hoping for someone to give her food, overeating, eating plants, and basking in the sunlight on a warm day.

This beautiful little kitty was my birthday present a loooong time ago. She's an old lady but she still looks very young. Although she is very overweight and tired, just like an old lazy would be. This little girl has the cutest meow, common in Chantilly cats! It sounds like a mix between a purr and a chirp. She doesn't talk as much as Cookie, so its surprising whenever she does. Especially when we have guests, because they tell us they've never heard a cat with such a cute meow before!
America isn't that active of a cat, she doesn't really like to play with things, but shes addicted to catnip hehe. She gets it tangled in her long fur because she rolls in it. She is also missing a few of her teeth due to age, so she struggles to eat. That doesn't stop her though. One of her favorites is tuna, she always comes running when she smells me eating some.

Name: Sammie
Nicknames: Sambo, little blackie
Sex: Male
Breed: Bombay
Personality: Talkative, extremely affectionate, cuddly, lazy, but skittish and shy towards strangers...
Interests: Talking to people, hiding in the back of closets, cuddling, drinking water straight from the tap, flipping food bowls upside down, kneeding your chest, and being held like a little baby!

Sammie was the sweetest little kitty you'd ever meet. He was shy when he first met people but after seeing them enough he'd start to cuddle with them and crawl onto their lap. He was the sweetest little friend I've ever had. He loved cuddles more than anything, and he was more dog-like than cat-like. He also had the weirdest meow you had ever heard, it sounded like an old grandpa trying to immitate a cat. Sammie was a very weird cat. He drank straight from the tap water and he knew how to turn the sink on. Sometimes we'd come downstairs in the morning to him drinking from the sink, because he had turned the tap on by himself.
Sammie sadly passed away from old age November 2020... But he lived such a good life, it was surprising how old he lived! (15 human years) Fly high little kitty!

Name: Duke
Nicknames: Dukey, Dukey Nukey
Sex: Male
Breed: Cheeks Dog
Personality: Excitable but tired, lazy but playful, feisty at times, territorial but loyal, very stubborn, socialble, loud, cuddly.
Interests: Bullying Cookie, stealing food, barking at people outside, wearing doggie sweaters, getting his face rubbed, ripping up stuffed animals, getting treats, and dancing with humans!

Duke is a Cheeks dog, which is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Pekingese. They don't live for very long compared to cats, but he's a trooper. He's an old man but he looks and acts like a puppy, even though he likes to sleep. He's of course your stereotypical chihuahua though, he ALWAYS barks and he can get territorial over his food. He's a meanie to the other cats though, he gets jealous whenever they get attention and he doesnt. I'm not really a dog person so I was never too attached to him compared to the rest of my family, but he's still a very good boy

Name: Milo
Nicknames: Skylo
Sex: Female
Breed: Hooded dumbo-eared rat
Personality: Very tired and lazy, greedy, very sweet but kind of skittish. Indifferent about a lot of things. Never interested in playtime. Very quiet, sluggish, unkempt, has a temper when she's tired.
Interests: Eating and sleeping, peafishing, tearing apart plastic balls, sitting on your shoulder, a quiet room, minding her own business, running across my desk for no reason

Milo is the laziest rat I've ever met. It's probably because my dad always feeds her food so she gets fat. She's the biggest and fattest out of the other rats. She isn't that fat, but she's very heavy. When we got her, she always bit people. But now she only bites when she's angry. Usually when she's woken up from a nap, she's always tired. She has tired, half-closed eyes, which differentiates her from her twin sister Zelda. People are always intimidated by her when they first meet her because they think she's mean, but she usually minds her own business so you don't have to worry. She doesnt bother to get into fights with the other rats because she genuinely doesn't care about most things heheh.

Name: Cornflake
Nicknames: Corn, Cornteeth
Sex: Female
Breed: Top-eared albino rat
Personality: Very friendly and sweet, tries to be the center of attention, always happy and playful, gentle, would never hurt anyone or anything!
Interests: Stashing food and then forgetting about it, scaling the walls of the cage, being the center of attention, yogurt, tissue boxes, wooden blocks, peafishing, cuddling with the other rats, most sweet foods

Cornflake is the outlier of the group of rats I own. She's the only albino and she came from a separate litter. She's the youngest of the group, so she's the most energetic and playful. She loves attention more than anything, and she knows her name. She always stops what she's doing to run up to whoever calls her name. She's scared of being touched though. She doesn't really like pets, but she'll crawl onto your shoulders if she knows its safe. She's albino so she has very bad eyesight, so she's prone to falling off things, so we always have to keep an extra eye on her whenever she's out. She's the cuuuutest!

Name: Zelda
Nicknames: Zel
Sex: Female
Breed: Broken hooded dumbo-eared rat
Personality: A little bitch. Greedy, jealous, and rude towards the other rats. Tries to escape her cage a lot. But otherwise very smart and clever. Petty.
Interests: Tearing up hammocks, picking fights with the other rats, stealing food from the other rats, tearing up newspapers, trying to scape her cage, being picked up, running up and down the staircase, sleeping in boxes

Zelda is a little bitch. I love her though. She turned into a little bullly after we adopted Cornflake. She's probably jealous, even though she always gets attention. She's the smartest out of all of the rats. She always figures out how to escape the cage, and get snacks out of foraging toys. Zelda is from the same litter as Milo. When we first got her she was very shy and gentle, and now she's the big bad bully of the group. She's so adorable though.

Name: Kiwi
Nicknames: Wiwi, Kiwiwiwi, Kiki
Sex: Female
Breed: Marked mouse
Personality: Very lazy, but sweet, friendly, and gentle. Could never hurt a fly. Kind of sluggish.
Interests: Peanuts, sleeping, jumping,
walking around aimlessly

Kiwi was such a sweet and simple mouse. She wasnt too smart, but she loved food. She was very friendly and sociable. We got her when she was young and healthy, but mice live for an average two years. She passed of old age on March 2021. Rest in peace little mousie.