Art Projects

& other crap that doesnt fit on my main page so I put it all in this very simple white box

Other than this website, I partake in LOTS of other creative hobbies. From drawing, to 3d modeling, making music, video editing, game development, photography, doll making, and writing (but very rarely)...
You name it and I've probably done it.

This section of my site is mainly a portfolio. There wont be many fancy graphics because I want it to be quite plain here so you wont be distracted by any blinking glitter-filled rainbow hue gifs. I'd appreciate it if you took a look around though because I don't post these on social media.

About me and my art

I've always been a creative person or at least that's what my parents would say about me. I picked up the hobby of drawing before I could even speak. I never really took the hobby seriously, it's more of a "i have an idea and want to make it a reality" situation. I don't really care too much about whether people see it or not, and I don't plan this becoming a job or anything. You might take away from this "woah this person draws only because its fun for them" and lemmie tell you that's far from the truth. I don't really draw because I like it, I draw because I have ideas and I want to make them a reality. Same goes for most of my other hobbies, except for like, making music and 3D modeling. Those are actually fun to do, so it means a lot when people express interest in my creations.
I've been rambling for a bit, this is my art page not my blog page. I might change this introduction later, I just didn't know what to put on the main page. I'd rather keep this wall of text though than put something extremely lame and boring like
"John Doe . 27 . Freelance artist"
Things like that personally make me click off of peoples portfolios so uh. Yeah. Here's my wall of text. Hope you liked it (or not, my life wont change in any way regarding if you read this or not)
- Sunny