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NavLink is a site AD system for personal websites. It cycles between ADs every few seconds. It does not host any commercial ADs, and it does not cost money to join. Every AD in the system is for personal websites ONLY.

I created NavLink because all of the AD systems I've found have been too big to fit somewhere on my site and look nice. NavLink is small enough to fit in your nav bar, or anywhere with a tight space!
(NavLink uses the code from NeoLink)

Want your AD in the system? Send me an E-mail with a link to the image as well as your site URL. If you don't want your bandwidth being used up, host it on imgur.
Ads must not contain any form of "ad" in the title, most adblock systems flag it and itll cause the widget to disappear. So don't name your image anything like advertisement, ad, advert, promo, etc. That includes directories as well.

Embed it on your site!