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Materials and graphics for all of your web building needs.

Right click and "save as" or "view background image"
(if your browser allows it, unless you're a filthy Chrome user)

Tiled Repeating Backgrounds

(Not functional as kitchen floor tiles)

Y-Repeating Backgrounds

They only repeat top to bottom
(Images are cut off to take up less space. Ask politely and perhaps they'll show themselves to you.)

X-Repeating Backgrounds

They only repeat left to right
(I'm cruel, so no X scrollbar for you)


Ads I've rescued from old sites. Purely decorational
(Contrary to popular belief, they do not function as real ads)

3D Gifs

Gifs. But of 3D models.
(Downloading any live animals may result in a PETA website takedown)


Unfortunately GIFs do not function as cursors without JS.
(Important for pointing fingers at whoever stole my Strawberry Nesquik)
Some of these need to be cropped to 32x32px