Submit a Monster!

I'm glad you wanted to submit a monster for my game! Drawing all of them myself takes so much time. There will be very strict guidelines for this so make sure to read carefully.

Each monster has three forms. Its common form, rare form, and super rare form.
There isn't much difference between the three forms, most of the time I just change the color palette. If you want to though, you could change up the design LITTLE bit (e.g. extra eye, mohawk, stripes)

Feel free to design your monster any way you like, just try to keep it cute looking (even if its a scary one) so people would want to adopt it.

When you're designing your monster, keep in mind that the standard size is 32x32px. but if you need to you can extend the canvas just a little bit.
Also, when you finish your monster PLEASE add a 1px black border around the entire thing. Here's an example of a monster with and without the border:

The border is important to bring all of them together if they were sitting in a a row or something. If for any reason you forget the border, I'll do it for you so don't worry.

After you design your monster, you'll need an egg for the field. Here's the base egg!
All you need to do is color it in. (Please don't alter the shape.)
Try to have the egg mimic the design of the monster in some way. So if your monster has polka dots, put polka dots on the egg. (but dont make it too obvious)

Please include a description of the egg with your submission. Just like its design, it should have a description that hints whats inside. So if your monster is small and slimy, maybe write "This egg is light, it has a slimy coat on the outside"

Once you're done with making the egg, write a little adoption message! It should be in first person from the monster, so if your monster doesn't speak, maybe you can just write "Meow"
Keep your message one sentence. I usually just put something they like, and their favorite food. Here's an example:
"I like walks in the rain, and eating strawberry shortcake!"

Done creating your monster? Email it to me!

All I need is:
- the monsters name
- all three images of the monster (remember to specify their rarity)
- egg image
- egg description
- adoption message
- your website/username (for credits)

Note: Depending on how many submissions I get, I may or may not add your monster to the game.
If I don't add your monster it's probably because I'm busy with other things. But don't worry, I have seen it. If for any reason I don't add your monster even if I have seen it, it's probably because it breaks the rules, doesn't fit the artstyle of the other monsters, an existing character, or it's somehow offensive.

Another note: If someone adopts your monster, the link on the image will lead to my website. You'll still get credit for the monster on the adoption page though, but the reason it links to my website is so other people can play the game.