Neocities hidden built-in RSS feature


im someone who doesnt really scroll through the activity tab on neocities very often. i never really bother to check anything unless they have an RSS feed. thats why im subscribed to RSS feeds on my favorite sites. but some sites don't have RSS feeds. or do they? actually, Neocities has a hidden feature with their site profiles. so even if the webmaster didnt make their own, you can still subscribe for updates! it's pretty easy to do this. all you need is a feed reader (which i assume you already have because youre reading this) and the site profile of the website you want.

for this example, i'll be using Fauux.
step 1: navigate to the site's profile page.

step 2: click "share" and then "RSS/atom feed"

step 3: boom! it should open the code for the RSS feed. now just save it with whatever you use for RSS feeds

i use Feedbro which is a Firefox extension. it might be different for you depending on what you use. but for me, all i need to do is open feedbro, click "find feeds in current tab" and then "subscribe" and bam! updates just like that! the downside to this though is the fact that it says "[name of site] has been updated" and you'll have to visit the site to actually see what has been updated.

but the site i found doesnt have a site profile! how do i do this?

there's actually a way to do this if the site doesnt have site profiles enabled. for this example, i'll be using Nekojiru.

clicking on Nekojiru's site profile just brings me to their site, since they have their site profile disabled.

step 1: get the websites username (whatever is in the [username]

step 2: put "[username].rss" in your url bar. but replace the [username] with the site's

step 2: boom! there it is! now just follow the steps from before and you're good to go