My BitView posts


i have a bitview channel and i just thought i'd make a post for it. if you don't know what bitview is, it's a recreation of 2007 youtube. same exact layout, works pretty much the same! i'm hoping it'll become more populated someday. maybe check out my channel..?

i dont have a specific theme to what i'll be posting. so far everything's music related. i made this song a few months ago and though i'd post it to bitview for more attention. i'd love if you took a listen and gave me some feedback ^_^


i foudn this random application from a geocities archive, you can put any midi into it and it'll show you a visualization of it. i decided to drop one of my favorite videogame songs of all time into it. kinda just messing around and thought i'd post it.


this is an old upload but i figured i'd just put it here. lolz