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This is a page dedicated to buttons and blinkies and other small graphics I've found around the web.

What is a button?
Buttons (or 88x31's) were around since the early days of the internet, they predate advertisements and were used to support other websites, or just for decoration.
They're like a tiny bite sized version of a site to attract visitors, or simply for self expression and aesthetics.
When a button is clicked, it will most likely direct to somebody's website.
It was common practice for sites to provide their button so other people could add it to their own side to help promote them!
Now, they aren't used much anymore, as personal websites aren't as common as they used to be unfortunately.
However, personal websites that still exist, such as myself, like to collect buttons to support other sites we enjoy!

What are blinkies and banners?
Blinkies and banners were used mainly in the mid to late 2000's on profiles, forums, and in forum signatures for people to express their interests. They were different than buttons in the sense that they weren't to promote anything, and were exclusively for self expression.

How do I get my own button?
Make one yourself! Making your own button requires little to no art skill, you just open a canvas in your favorite image editor and put whatever you want in it. Most buttons are 88 by 31 pixels in size, but they can technically be any size or shape.
Even if you don't want to make your own button, some people are kind enough to create buttons for others on special occasions like holidays or your birthday.
What are you waiting for? Go make a button for your site!


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