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Nyu "Psygoat"

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Date Created: April 2019

Name: Nyu
Alias: Psygoat
Sex: null
Pronouns: he/it
Species: Alien/goat
Profession: DJ
Height: 3ft 4in
Weight: ~70lbs
Hair color: Fuchsia
Fur color: Orange
Eye color: B/W
Guts color: Green

nyu "psygoat" is a goat-like alien creature. it has similar anatomy to a goat, with reptile influences. it was born from an egg and, its diet is carnivorous. this creature has a very bright appearance. With long tangled hair that swoops up into two "antennae" above its horns. its horns are round and blunt, but heavy. green spikes protrude down its back, ending at the tail. the tail is similar to a reptiles, rather than a goats. it's thick and pointed, with fuchsia and green rings around it. its ears are long and floppy, able to hear frequencies most creatures cannot hear. this creature does not speak. it communicates through screeches, squeeks, grunts, and whispers, but never spoken words. though, it is able to understand spoken language and culture. while speaking is impossible for this creature, it is able to write in fluent english.
it enjoys human music, specifically loud techno music. it was let into a rave as a kid and grew up with the scene.
this creature has lots of energy. it moves very quickly, though it is a bit clumsy. it's able to do physical activities for prolonged periods of time, including running and dancing. Nyu quite literally is a "party animal."

!! This character makes music !!

This character is used as an alias for music!

Name: Psygoat
Genres: Breakcore, mashcore, dancecore
Discography: wip


centered image



Nyu headshot drawn on MsPaint. Most likely Nyu's final design.


After I moved to MsPaint. Used as the cover art for the (unreleased) "Sample Packs & Psychedelics" album.


Image used for Bandcamp banner. His claws were changed to green, and he was given a neck ruff which was later removed.

psygoat hypno

A full body image of Nyu. Used as cover art for one of his albums that was never released.

psygoat headshot

First image I drew of Nyu back in April 2019. It's really messy.