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    This is my li'l corner of the world wide web. I made it to express me and myself and my interests. (It's also a time capsule of a sort...)
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Q: Where am I?
A: Adeleine's little corner of the web!

Q: How did I get here?
A: I assume you clicked on a link from another page.

Q: Are there snacks?
A: Check the fridge but dont steal my strawberry Nesquik!

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: !

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But why?

    To be honest, I don't have a specific reason for having this site.
It isn't to promote my art or music, it's simply because I wanted to. I didn't grow up in the 90's myself, so I wasn't able to experience much of Web 1.0 for myself. When I was old enough to use the internet as a whole, Web 1.0 began fading away. Now, I'm nearly an adult and it's completely gone. There is no fun in it. Everything looks the same.
I grew up in a household that was a few years behind the times. In 2010 we still had a 90's box television. - I have a very selective memory, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday but I remember a very specific day on a very specific Friday back in 2008. It may be because I treaure those moments more than anything that has happened currently.
I was amazed by the internet at the time. How was my aunt able to recieve my e-mail in under 5 seconds, when she lived across the country? How was I able to play games with people I haven't even met? How could you instantly view an entire music video by pressing a button? It was amazing, and it still is. But it's sad that this amazing technology has been taken over by consumerist culture. Everywhere you go is filled with advertisements, everything you use is paid, everything you do is being monitored and watched by corporations that try to market towards you. The internet isn't a place for fun anymore.
Neocities (the place this site is hosted on) was created as a revival of Yahoo's Geocities. Geocities was a place for people to have their own websites, free of charge. and 90% of those websites were only for self expression and fun! When Web 2.0 rolled around and drag-and-drop websites became a thing, people migrated away from sites like Geocities. People paid money for someone else to create their website, just because they wanted to share things without having to worry about learning HTML. And that began the rise of social media. A way for people to share things on the web and keep in touch with other people without having to worry about having their own website. Which was a great idea at first! Until "connecting with friends" was only a cover-up for corporations to shove ads on your face.
I created this website as a form of self expression, and as a time capsule back to the early days of the internet. I hope you find entertainment while browsing my website, because I put lots of time and care into making it for your viewing pleasure. There will be no marketing, no tracking, and the only ads you'll find are purely decorational! (I put them there on my own free will)
If you're stumbling upon this website from somewhere else and you'd like to see more sites like this, check my buttons page! It's where I link any other cool site like this one.
If you've bothered to read to the end, thank you!
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