It's much easier to list about my likes and dislikes when describing myself. People are mostly comprised of their interests as well as distastes. Most people don't tell you the way their brain functions when talking about themself. They normally just tell you that they like cats and play videogames or something.

Anyway this will be a lot to read as I tend to ramble. I don't expect anyone to read it all, but here's a gold star if you do
(Colored text = Tops!)

Things I appreciate, enjoy, or agree with:

The cutest animals in my opinion. They're just the perfect mix of every adorable trait you could list. Large eyes, big ears, button nose, long fluffy tail, toe beans, their sassy attitude, their funny facial expressions and way they lay in certain positions. They're absolutely adorable, and I don't trust anyone who doesn't like them.
House cats don't have a reason to exist outside of our personal entertainment. I know technically cats were kept to eat pests back in ancient Egypt, but I like the idea that humans just wanted to live with them because they're just so cute and decided to breed different colors of em, like they're breeding for shiny Pokemon.

It's no secret if you've viewed my site that I'm somewhat of an otaku. It's clear why anime, despite being such a broad term, is loved by millions. Japan puts so much love and care into their creations, especially compared to American media. Even some of the most low budget films in Japan are still more high quality than the average American show.
I also especially like anime because of how respected artists are. In America, cartoons are never appreciated for their art and tends to recycle the same minimalistic character designs. With anime, a lot of what makes a show enjoyable and recognisable is its art and animation. Done by studios who normally put so so so much effort into just a single frame of a show. And even if anime all shares a similar "bug eyed neon hair" style, most studios do try their hardest to mimic the original style if a show was based off a manga. Which is highly respectable.
Plus, most animes are based off manga. Manga normally done as hobby projects from artists who genuinely enjoy the craft, picked up by people who genuinely enjoy the artists work. And it eventually gets enough traction to be animated as a show.
America could never do something like this. Rarely do I ever hear American animation studios respect independant artists at all actually.

Psychological Horror
Psychological horror is a specific genre of horror which focuses on making the reader/watcher feel as if they're actually part of the story themselves. Usually through playing mind games on the reader and confusing them, rather than reading about how the protagonist feels. It's a genre that is very hard to master, as writing any psychological horror story requires knowledge of the human psyche and what humans can be afraid of. What things can provoke certain responces, and what combination of factors will cause the reader to question their own sanity and sense of reality.
Didn't I already go through this level? Why am I sympathizing with this evil character? Do my actions effect the characters fates? Am I the true antagonist of the story? What's going on? How did I get here? Is this actually happening? Is the narrator as reliable as I initially believed?
Jumpscare horror is the most common in media, because it's easy and almost guaranteed to induce a fight or flight responce, regardless if you are actually fearful of the actual subject. I highly respect anyone who is able to unsettle readers with words or visuals alone, in their own unique way.
Some favorite psychological horror medias: Perfect Blue (movie, 1997), MONSTER (animanga, 2004), Silent Hill 2 (videogame, 2001), OFF (videogame, 2008), Higurashi When They Cry (anime, VN, 2002)

I love rainy nights, but I love thunderstorms even more. The thunder and rain hitting the glass are such nice sounds to listen to, especially while enjoying a quiet and independent activity like reading or writing. I'm terrified of silence, so having this sort of background noise always makes me feel more comforting. As if the world around me is actually alive, on nights where I can't even hear the birds chirping. You get a sense of the scale of the world around you, you can almost tell how close or far something is. Another thing I like about storms, not a lot of people like to be in them. So living in a large neighbourhood, that's absolute peace to me. No kids screaming, no dogs barking. Just silence of rain and wind. And if I decide to take a rain walk, almost nobody will be there to disturb me. I also like when it's a humid spring day, and you can smell the grass after it rains. and there's a thin layer of fog afterwards. It's cloudy and gloomy, but it's still warm enough to be comfortable.

Urban legends, mythology, and other folklore
It may have lost it's charm since we were kids and believed them to be true, but there's still this "what if" factor whenever hearing about something even if it sounds outlandish. Giant flying reptiles used to live on this planet, so it's not that big of a stretch to assume something like a giant ship-sized cephalopod monster once lived in the oceans. We don't have any way to disprove these legends, and as the years go on, humans constantly come up with new and interesting myths to create. Even the more internet centered legends like "Slenderman" and "Siren Head" are still interesting from an art perspective. Even if we know they're not real, exploring these sort of things have no limit and they make for some fairly interesting works.

Yes, the pattern. I think stripes are a good in-between when putting together an outfit. It isn't too plain, but not too flashy. Stripes help an outfit stand out, while also keeping it simple. Stripes make it easier to coordinate outfits and add extra color if need be. You can have so many combinations with stripes which make each outfit unique. Even something as simple as the thickness of the lines give a look an entirely different feel. It also gives people more to look at, if you're going for something flashy.

It might be the small amount of English in my blood that makes me appreciate this simple drink so much, haha. I just love tea. It's one of my favorite drinks to have with any meal. It's not too tasteful, but not too plain. Even if it just tastes like liquid plant, it's such a unique taste. Whoever thought of plant water is a genius. My favorite types of teas are Chai, Earl Grey, Matcha, Hibiscus, Lotus, and plain ol' green tea. I normally drink Green and Earl Grey with a little bit of honey, but the rest are the best on their own.

Things I dislike, or disagree with:

I've hated cake ever since I was a child and I've never really had a good reason to it. I don't mind unhealthy foods, I don't think it's wrong to eat them. Infact, most of my favorite foods are junk. But I can't understand how someone can genuinely enjoy the most processed and artificial food to ever exist, cake. It doesn't taste like food, at all! It tastes like you're eating a kitchen sponge with a layer of creamed sugar on top! So disgusting. One bite alone makes me sick to my stomach.

Not much to say, I just don't like the idea of eating liquid chicken fetus. Eggs are fine in things, but I still cant wrap my head around how most things require liquid chicken fetus as the key ingredient. Whenever I'm eating something like a breakfast sandwich and I remember that I'm basically eating the aborted child of a hen, I gag a bit. Eggs are only good if I can't taste them.

Mall Goths and E-Kids
The point of being alternative is doing the complete opposite of what's accepted and trending. However, there is no originality with these "alternative" kids on apps like Tiktok and Instagram. They do what everyone else is doing. Every E-kid dresses and acts the same, and listens to the same popular trendy hyperpop garbage. Disrespecting countless cultures and spiritual practices to fit your aesthetic. You claim to be goth, a culture built upon anti-capitalism, yet you support big companies who underpay their workers like Amazon and Aliexpress, all so you can buy these trending clothes for cheaper than you can from small businesses. And you still claim to be goth? What a loser.

Consumerist Culture
For the past few decades, most products being sold in stores are the bare minimum and benefit the producer more than the consumer. It isn't a fair trade anymore. You're tricked into buying these products just so the company can make a quick buck out of you. Putting tiny print in the most obscure locations, just so you'll buy something without realizing you're not ACTUALLY getting what's on the box. But you can't complain about it! Because they ACTUALLY mention it on page 87 of the manual, and it's your own fault for not reading it! They always try to find loopholes like that just so they can get away with something and face no consequences.

Fiction Police
Fanpols, fancops, anti-fiction, pro-censorship, whatever they're called now. It's crazy how heated people get over fiction. Fiction nowadays is a thousand times more tame than it was in the past, but I don't think people were chopping up their neighbours and hiding them under the floorboards just because they read Edgar Allan Poe. Art is art, who would've thought! Policing someones creativity makes you not only an asshole but an idiot too. If you don't like it, don't consume it. Don't police what should and shouldn't be created. It's that simple.

Slice of Life
When I watch shows, I like seeing something completely different to the world I already live in. I want to see things that can't normally happen, I want to see the artists creativity show through. And yes, I understand that slice of life can be cute, and are normally made to be comforting. but to me, it puts me to sleep. I'm not on the end of my seat waiting to see what happens or for some insane plot twist. I can't even make it to the next episode, because I KNOW the ONLY thing im going to see is MC meet some cute neko girl and go on a coffee date. That's boring. It's fine if you enjoy it, but I don't get it.

Idol Gacha Games
Generic anime girls, generic story line that was put in last minute, generic anime pop songs, gacha mechanic that gets kids addicted. I can barely differentiate these games from eachother since they all try their hardest to have the cutest and most attractive idols. Yeah, Bandori is cute n all, but I lost track of all of the characters because they're all so generic and look like girls from other franchaises. The main selling point of these games is the gacha system and pulling the most colorful eye straining holographic glittery card that gives you absolutely nothing but clout from the luck of the draw. And the anime adaptions? They're too fanservicey.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every animal and the importance it has to our ecosystem. But I'm personally terrified of spiders, regardless of how small they are. They can run at insane speeds and fit into the smallest spaces. Who knows how many have entered my nose or mouth or ears while I've been sleeping. They're also such an annoyance. They build webs on my stuff and I have to clean it! I feel bad when I destroy their hard work, but they could've picked literally any other spot to build their nest instead of directly on my collectors edition figurines.