Hello, I'm Sunny and I run the entirety of this website, coded from the ground up with my own two hands. I'm terrible with introductions, so I suppose I will talk about myself for a bit. If anyone could give me tips on what to put here, that would be greatly appreciated. I've deleted like 10 of my previous bios here and this is one of those various attempts that will most likely be scrapped in the future.
So please excuse if this whole wall of text is messy or doesn't make sense,
my brain is a complete mess.

It's not very easy to talk about myself as if I were a character per se.
It's much easier to write about someone which isn't yourself.
My Mom says if I have my mind set on something, I will probably accomplish it. This is true to an extent, but I wouldn't consider progress to be important to me. I just complete things out of boredom or spite, not for the feeling that comes with it. Accomplishments themselves aren't very important to me, I just like seeing numbers get bigger hehe.
My friends might describe me as being extremely passionate. I don't have many passions, but I'm very devoted to the very few that I have.

I wouldn't consider myself a very easy person to get along with, as being true to myself is more important than trying to fit in with social expectations. I don't understand the concept of wanting to be seen as someone you aren't, or having to lie to people for the sake of acceptance. Honestly, I could care less your opinion on me.
I'm not changing myself just because you don't like it.

Some people say I give off the impression that I'm full of hatred and malace, but that couldn't be further than the truth. I'm unable to hold any hatred in my heart, and I do try my best to avoid conflict. Drama is unnecessary and a waste of energy. So if you think I have anything against you, I don't.
I also struggle with social interaction so that may play a part in why I'm mostly disliked by strangers, or people who value things like (toxic) positivity and general social expectations.

I don't really have many "values" since I'm a pretty neutral person on most things, but I do consider myself very pro-self expression. Individuality is important to me as I've stated, but nothing pisses me off more than when someone tries to take that away from someone else, simply because they personally dislike it, or don't care enough to understand it.

My partner calls me a grandpa because of my interest in older things as well as the way I dress sometimes. If it wasn't obvious by the fact I own a personal website, I'm heavily interested in outdated things and especially retro tech. My room is filled with old things like retro consoles, old televisions and radios, and various things I've found at thrift stores. As well as older stuffed animals, porcalin dolls, vintage hats and accessories.
When I move out of my parents house and get my own place, I'm considering dedicating a single room to "retro" things. It's a dream of mine to have a room not only filled with old toys and tech, but even the furniture, wallpaper, and carpet, will all be oudated. I want people to walk into the room and feel as if they've walked through a time capsule, to around... maybe the late 90s. My favorite era even if I wasn't alive yet.

I know I was born in 2004, but I grew up in a poor household full of things from the 90s since we couldn't really afford the new stuff. We had a CRT television up until, maybe 2015. It was so weird to me switching from such an old television to a humungus HD flatscreen. That's around the time my mom finished college and got an actual well paying job. So we're actually doing much better than we were back then.
Anyway, I can say with confidence that I grew up a "90s kid" due to these circumstances, but that's not really unique since it seems as if every younger folk on Neocities says a similar thing heheh.

Moving on, one thing that brings me joy is collecting. I have massive collections for various things. I have hundreds (or even thousands) of stuffed animals and figures. I also collect videogame consoles and manga. As I stated before I am quite passionate with stuff like this. When I start a collection, I am determined to complete it. Completing things is one of the only things that bring me so much joy.
That is also why I fall under the category of "completionist" players, when regarding videogames. I'm determined to 100% every game I own, and achivement hunt for even the hardest achivements.
If I spend 60$ on a game, you bet I'm going to finish all that game has to offer. I've spent countless years trying to complete just a single game, and it's very rare for me to have any less than 400 hours on one title.

One of my favorite genres in media are psychological, horror, mystery, and thrillers. They're a huge inspiration for my art, but I unfortunately may never contribute to that media.
I've always wanted to write a manga, but I never had the patience or talent to do so. It's always been a dream of mine to create a manga, or a visual novel! But alas, I have no patience.
I've always wanted to work in the justice field myself, particularly become a detective. I've always loved detective characters, and stories. Ever since I was just learning to read.
I was forced to drop out of highschool at 15, and I most likely won't be getting my GED anytime soon. So going to college to work in the field of law is out of the picture for me.
My therapist suggested that I write a story about a detective, rather than become one myself. And it's something I think about a lot. and beat myself up over because even something as simple as a book most likely won't be possible. So it's just a dead dream at this point.

I dont really know what else to talk about, but if you want to hear me go into more detail about the things I enjoy, take a look at my likes and dislikes page. Or literally anything else on my site. Everything here is an expression of myself, so you'll learn more "about me" regardless.