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Dokodemo is my personal website, a hobby project which serves as a time capsule to the earlier days of the web. I've created this site to entertain and share things with the world.

Please enjoy your time here

PLEASE DISABLE YOUR AD AND SCRIPT BLOCKERS, this site is graphic/script heavy! There are no real ads on this site!
(elements will break if not )

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[Jan/3/2022] Slight homepage revamp. Updated Navlink page to the new layout and added members.

Decorated for the holidays :D
I'm not religious but I think christmas decorations are cute!

I haven't had motivation to update anything recently.
Bear with me.

Please ignore the constant construction on the site, I haven't had much time recently to constantly update things. So lots of things are broken and out of place. すみません!

Another website redesign!
I wanted to go back to a smaller cramped website, I felt as if the old one had too much empty space. I also wasn't feeling the right nav bar...
We now have site awards!

Added Weebring, a webring for weeaboos


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Q: Link exchange?
A: I only link to sites I personally enjoy, not just mutual sites.
I don't link exchange with sites I'm not familiar with.

Q: Can we be affiliates?
A: I only allow close friends to be affiliates. Sorry!

Q: Can we be friends?
A: I'm not the best with small talk or talking with strangers in general. I struggle with social interaction, so a friendship cant be forced. If you want to discuss something, E-mail me, and a friendship might come naturally. But i most likely won't reply to things like "How are you?" or "What are you up to?" etc

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